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The Ugly Brothers score a perfect score of 180 to take first place Tri-Tip in the California State BBQ Championship.

14 August, 1999.

Championship Banner

They said it couldn't be done; that Sierra Madre's own Ugly Brothers could blow away the competition to take the Tri-Tip title in the California State Championship BBQ Cook-Off at Follows Camp on the East Fork of the San Gabriel River in the San Gabriel (or, as we prefer Sierra Madre) mountains near Azusa. The event was sanctioned by the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) and the Southern California BBQ Association (SCBBQ).

The Ugly Brothers, waving the banner the Big Green Egg, were unfazed by the toughest group of competitors ever assembled in the state of California and, in typical Ugly form, cracked a few cold ones, donned their latex exam gloves and got down to the business preparing their Prime Tips.


When the Ugly Brothers were called to the Circle of Champions a gasp was heard from the crowd Tri Tip Trophyas they walked up to accept this coveted award. "I couldn't believe it" said Grant McKinstry of the 3Men with Nothing Better to Do, "If you had seen the way Les handled his meat you would have thought he had a really thick, rubber shoe sole! I mean, he took that puppy, threw it on the grill and it bounced!!"

"I thought we were dead meat", said Les Ugly, "I mean wow". Big Ugly was equally philosophical, "I looked at it and I went humm, so I purposefully put it on the worst looking bed of lettuce we had so we could save the better ones for our other entries" Bud Ugly was somewhat more optimistic than his brothers. "Let's just get it up to the judges and get on with life" Bud said trying to keep team morale from crumbling during the first event. "I thought the faster we could get it out of here the better off we'd all be."

Twenty minutes after the Ugly Brothers accepted this prestigious award Les turned to his brother Bud and said, "Wow, we won the State Championship! It's just hitting me now, I mean up until now I was only thinking of the prize money."

The whole camp was stunned. "Man I really don't believe this" Scott Dawson of the 3 Men (scratch that 2 Men) muttered "Hmm... I really need tequilla." Joined by the Pork Belly Bandits Right Reverend Killer George the Bishop of Barbeque, Scott & George stumbled to the camp of the Coyote Road Kill where the Bishop performed his healing ritual. The assembled congregation put their hands on the grill and were anointed with the holy Sauza as the Bishop shook and spoke in tongues intelligible only to the enraptured/enlightened congregation and the coyotes on the hillside.

After the event had come to a close and the teams' Captain Les Ugly had time to reflect on this momentous event, he declared that the Ugly Brothers had nothing to hide. "We will share our recipes and techniques with the world" he declared "we have absolutely nothing to hide. We want to raise the bar, we feel that by creating an open dialogue amongst smokesters we can look forward to greater awareness of BBQ amongst the general population. We would love to see real BBQ on every table in America by the year 2000."

Other notable events:
Grand Champions: Asleeep at the Grill
Reserve Champions: Rare Breed
Bud Ugly made honorary Man with Nothing Better to Do
Scott Dawson made honorary South African

The Tri-Tip :

1 approx. 4lb. Prime Tri-Tip
Johhnie D's Angus Marinate
John Henry's East Texas Pecan Rub
Bud Uglys own Raspberry-Chipotle Sauce

After inspection by certified KCBS judges, the tri-tip was marinated overnight in Johnnie D's Angus Marinate. After being removed from the marinate it was patted dry and allowed to stand for about a half hour before being generously coated with John Henry's East Texas Pecan Rub.

The tip was placed in a 250 degree(f) Big Green Egg burning, what else, Big Green Egg Hardwood Charcoal and 6 chunks of BBQ's Galore Hicory. The tip was allowed to smoke for four hours to an internal temperature of 160.

After removal from the Big Green Egg. The tip was wrapped in foil and towels and allowed to stand in a warm ice chest for about an hour. The tip was then cut into approximately 3/8 inch slices, brushed over with our secret ingredient then also lightly brushed with the Ugly Brothers Raspberry/Chipotle Sauce and immediately sent to the judges. They obviously knew what they we doing by awarding the dish a PERFECT SCORE of 180 points !!!!

The Ugly Brothers Raspberry/Chipotle Sauce :

18 oz Hunts BBQ Sauce
16 oz. Knotts seedless Raspberry
8 oz white vinegar
6 Chipotles, chopped extremely fine
3 TBS crushed garlic

Mix all over low-med heat and simmer until all are well mixed. This sauce is sweet and hot so you don't need too much! If you plan on using this sauce please assign a designated driver!!

18 AUG/99

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