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Who are the Ugly Brothers?

We are not animals. Though we be ugly, we are beautiful people.
We find inner peace, tranquility and beauty through the art and
practice of slow smoking pig, cow, hen and other beasts....


The Ugly Brothers grew up on a dead-end street in Sierra Madre, California. Our Ugly RootsBonded in ugly delinquency, yet somehow we knew we would have a higher calling. We apprenticed as youngsters, helping the village smoke-men in the Monastery BBQ pits, deep in the San Gabriel (nee Sierra Madre) hills, for the Mater Dolorosa Fiesta. Many beef were sacrificed for these celebrations.

Though the Ugly Brothers compete in California BBQ Association (SCBBQA), Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) sanctioned events, our reward is not the monetary prizes heaped upon us, but rather the knowledge and satisfaction that we have done justice to the beasts sacrificed for our smoke pits.



When the pit calls we must respond.

It is in our nature.



Big Ugly Big Ugly - The Artist

High profile stock trader by day (no, Big does not
give out free advice) Big Ugly is our Food Stylist,
enhancing our already beautiful meat so that the certified
KCBS judges see nothing but the best theUgly Brothers
have to offer.



Bud UglyBud Ugly - The Scientist

The Saucier, Bud Ugly utilizes the latest advances in rocket
science he has gleaned from his 20 years of employment by
NASA to develop the after burners the Ugly Brothers have
become famous for.



Les UglyLes Ugly - The Seeker of Truth

O Captain, My Captain! Les Ugly be the man.
It is Les who recognizes how to bring together the
creative efforts of Big & Bud Ugly in a manner
which truly enhances and celebrates the spirits of the
beasts we sacrifice.

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