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The Ugly Brothers Barbeque -
Great Gift Ideas

 FLAV-R Shoot-R  The Ugly Brothers patented FLÂV-R Shoot-R is a deadly, absolutely non-toxic, seasoning injector suitable for all birds and small game. The FLÂV-R Shoot-R kills, seasons and cures ducks, quail, and squirrel all in one blow! Using only the finest all natural ingredients, this cartridge also imparts that old fashioned black powder smoky flavor. As an added benefit, the saltpeter begins the curing process while the game is still kicking!

Available in 12, 20 and 410 gauge. These are a popular holiday gift item for the Mountain Man in your family.


 The incredible Pocket Pig Peel-R available only from the Ugly Brothers will poke, peel and core any sized hog on your homestead. Additionally the Pocket Pig Peel-R will also serve as a rotisserie roaster. Available in natural gas, LP and charcoal, the Pocket Pig Peel-R is the ideal gift for the gentleman farmer in your household.  Pig Peel-R No muss, no fuss and EZ to clean! Mom will love the Pocket Pig Peel-R

 FLAV-R Spread-R Pak  The awesome FLÂV-R Spread-R Pak is the first of it's kind! This highly engineered back-pack will allow you to spray your favorite BBQ sauce quickly, easily and in bulk. Available in 5 and 10 gallon (US) models you can now sauce up to 70 racks of ribs per minute! Perfect for field saucing steer, elk or even elephant, the Ugly Brothers FLÂV-R Spread-R Pak is the undisputed favorite of the serious carnivores throughout the world.

The FLÂV-R Spread-R Pak comes in white, camo and olive drab and is also available in left handed Australian and South African models.

The FLÂV-R Spike-R is a unique system for impaling your meat with an assortment of the Ugly Brothers favorite seasoning spikes. Each FLÂV-R Spike-R kit comes with it's own 12 volt cordless drill, key less chuck and seasoning spike STÂRT-R Pak. When re-ordering spikes, choose from a variety of your favorite seasonings; regular, smoky bacon, Cajun and Mexican. Each FLÂV-R Spike-R is guaranteed to penetrate even the toughest hides of hog, steer and buffalo. the FLÂV-R Spike-R is the ideal way to season your frozen turkeys!  FLAV-R Spike-R

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