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Where are the Ugly Brothers?


The Ugly Brothers hail from the foothill hamlet of Sierra Madre, CA. It is here that the Ugly Trinity continue to reside and, when not smoking pig meat, often gather for refreshment and a cleansing ale at the Sierra Madre Brewing Company.


Other Ugly Brothers have migrated throughout the world and can be found in such states as Louisiana, New Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Maryland and many countries such as Ireland, Australia, South Afrika and Mexico. Wherever they roam, Ugly Brothers are acutely aware of the ONE TRUTH: Slow Smoked Pig Meat Is Best.


Not all are fortunate enough to have been born Ugly, some have to work on it. For those few who heed the calling the pinnacle of their journey is the sacred initiation ritual, known as the SEVEN WONDERS. The Seven Wonders reveal themselves to the lucky initiate during the sacred ritual. The Seven Wonders cannot be expressed through language, anyone who preports reveal them is a charlatan and most undoubtedly rubs his pork with snake oil.


Do you have what it takes to be Ugly? Do you treat your meat with the respect it deserves? If so the Seven Wonders may someday reveal themselves to you, then and only then will you truly become an Ugly Brother.

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