The Ugly Brothers Attend the Annual

3 Men With Nothing Better to Do
Pig Roast / Carnival
25 September, 1999
3Men present Mel

Car'ni-val, n
[Fr. carnaval; It. carnevale; from LL. carnelevarium from hyp. carnem levare, to remove meat; associated by folk etym. with ML. carne vale, "Flesh. farewell!"]

1) the period of feasting and revelry just before Lent; Mardi Gras is the last day of this festival

2) a reveling or time of revelry; festivity; merrymaking

  The 3 Men's Pig Roast is probably best described as a carnival. This is a special celebration which exalts Mr. Swine and also recognizes all major food (meat) categories.  While the Whole Hog is held in highest regard, lamb, cow, turkey, chicken, and salmon play crucial supporting roles in this Festival of Meat and Fermented Beverage.

All in attendance come to honor these beasts and the supreme manner in which the 3Men prepare and offer them.

 3Men posing during photo op    Scott, Kevin & Grant.

Three Men and one scared (formerly) sheep 


 Killer George, the Bishop of Barbeque and Captain of the Pork Belly Bandits famous for his (sermon at Follows Camp) anointes the lamb as Scott stands back in a safe position.
   Giller George anointes the lamb

     Dan, Captain of Coyote Road Kill focuses his spiritual being on the knife edge as he deftly slices the brisket

 Mel, the Millennium Pig is piped out of the smoker. The lamb (on the custom 3Men spit) is still waiting for its moment of glory.    Piping the Pig

Mel in all his glory  
  Mel, the special guest of honor, is speechless as accolades are heaped on him and the 3 Men

 Brother Les Ugly, Cayenne Red & Bishop Killer George enjoy fermented beverage while waiting for the lamb....    Celebrants

 Les gets basted  
Brother Les Ugly receives a good basting from Grant. Perhaps the copious beverage has influenced the behavior of Les

   T-Ugly, apprentice carnivore  
 Young T-Ugly, apprentice carnivore, celebrates the presentation of Mel in carnival fashion.

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